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-Show your teeth.
-Show your teeth.
-Show your teeth.
-Show your teeth.
-Show your teeth.

My school made an outdoor collective expo. This is my contribution.
Here is the cover for Zarzamora mag.
Also, here is the link for this new issue:
Shot for Zarzamora Magazine’s cover.
Self portrait illustration inspired on Steve Simpson’s work.

-Love Story Pt. 2-

(Source: cro-matica)

Puerto Escondido, México. P.2.
Puerto Escondido, México.
An outtake that I really loved.
So here is the photo I worked on for the expo called “Eterno Destino”.
This was inspired by Judy Chicago’s piece called The Dinner Party which I find motivating and inspiring at the same time. 
I really liked the outcome, which was different to what I usually do. 
"You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.”